There is a special song that really means a lot to us. Could you add it?

Our favorite songs mark the milestones of our lives. Just the first few familiar opening bars of a tune can take us back to a special time, place, or person. Whether it’s your beloved college alma mater/fight song, a song from a favorite show that brings you a smile (or a tear), or the song from your first prom dance, music is best when it touches the heart. At one of our recent engagements, an older guest with some physical problems told us that one of our songs meant so much to him and his wife that it inspired him to dance with her for the first time in almost 30 years. The couple was teary eyed, the host was delighted, and we were thrilled to be a part of it all.

Your special song may be on our list already, but if it’s not, we want to make sure you have it at your event. We have accomplished musicians who can write an arrangement of your special song for our group in a minimum amount of time. We will get just as much of a kick out of the reaction of your guests to that surprise special song as you will and have worked with clients who wrote their own special lyrics to songs that were used to honor someone or tell a story. In fact, many of the songs in our library that might strike you as "unusual" are there because a host asked us to add them to enhance the theme of the event or honor someone in particular.


If for some reason we can’t do justice to the song you want, we can always play a recording of it through our system, but that’s not likely to happen.  Playing your special songs helps connect us to the meaning of your event and makes what we do so much more than just playing the same set list at another gig.  In that regard, we’ll want to work with you to make sure our set list uses the songs from our library that you like the most and in the order that best fits your needs. 

What kind of music can you provide for our event?

You can get a good idea of what we play from the list of songs on our site. As you can tell, we cover a very broad spectrum of musical styles and genres.  Many events have a wide range of guests, with some ready to dance the night away to a pounding bass line and others who only hope they can enjoy some familiar songs and converse at dinner without leaning across the table and yelling.  Our goal is to make your event a thoroughly enjoyable one for both of those guests. We play music your guests can dance to or talk through. We will work closely with you to make sure the music we play and the way we play it  fits the mood you're trying to create.

How can we be sure you’re the best fit for our event?

There are no guarantees that any band is the perfect fit for a specific occasion. Whether your event is an annual one or happens only once in a lifetime, it’s crucially important to you and a mismatched band can be a disaster.  (It’s no fun for the band, either.) First, take a look at our song list to see if we play the kind of music you want. Second, watch and listen to our clips. There are lots of good bands out there and most of them will deliver acceptable music, but you still need to confirm that by checking out sound clips and videos of live performances. 


However, the most important thing for both the band and the hosts is to meet and make sure the personal connection is positive.  If your event is a private one, it's likely also an intensely personal experience and you need to feel good about making us a part of it. Similarly, even if you’re setting up a corporate function and it’s not so personal, your reputation is on the line and you don’t want to have to worry about what impression the band might make. The same is true from our point of view — we can only play so many gigs and want to make sure the ones we do are for people we have a connection with. That means it’s fun for us, fun for you, and fun for your guests.


If you’re interested in making us a part of your event, we will do our best to invite you to a gig or a practice with the whole band. If that’s not possible, we’d still like you to meet you in person, so we can make sure we’re all singing off the same sheet of music!


How much do you charge? We’re not sure we can afford or have space for a eight piece band.

We don’t advertise specific hourly rates up front, because we don’t know enough about what you need. How much we charge depends on:

  • The location of the event 
  • The day, time, and length of the event
  • The purpose of the event (a significant part of what we do is community support)

Until we know more about you and your event, we can’t tell you how much we will cost. But we can say that our rates are generally competitive with and, in many cases, significantly less than what other similar groups may charge. We have classically trained musicians that regularly play for wedding ceremonies. By using our musicians for both you can save time and money.   

If, for reasons of space or finances, you’re concerned that you can’t use the full group, let’s explore the option of playing with a smaller subgroup. If our music is a good fit for your event, we’ll work with you to make it happen!